Since becoming a lecturer in photography many years ago, l have always been passionate about sharing my knowledge with other photographers and watching them evolve and become inspired by new skills and ways of seeing. This is for me one of the greatest rewards of being a professional photographer.

For this reason alone, my good friend and professional landscape photographer Michael Pilkington and I created aspect2i. It was not our intention to take photographers on trips to beautiful locations and leave them to it, but to work with them and pass on our own experiences of photographing there ourselves. Teaching and sharing knowledge is what aspect2i is all about and arriving at a place to watch your leader wander off and spend all the time taking his or her own photographs is something that does not happen on an aspect2i workshop. Our leaders are professionals in their own field and they are there for you. 

Since we began aspect2i over seven years ago, we have seen so many returning photographers become consummate at their craft and make some of the most inspiring photographs I have seen during my career. No stone is left unturned and the entire journey of making wonderful landscape photographs is covered from camera craft to filters, ‘looking’ to ‘seeing’ compositions, and the creation of the finished image from camera raw file through the digital darkroom.

aspect2i has evolved as a workshop provider and we now run field based workshops throughout the world. If you want to visit truly stunning locations and also learn and get the most from your time there with true professionals, then please visit our website to find out more.


Soon after aspect2i was created, we re-designed and launched the Epson Print Academy.  In association with Epson UK, the aim of the Academy is to engage with photographers ‘after’ they have been out there and collected the image files. During our Epson Print Academy workshops, we teach many different approaches to the digital dark room to bring your image to life and how to create beautiful exhibition quality prints.

I have never understood why a photographer would spend time out in the field without dedicating invaluable time to editing, post processing and print making. For us at aspect2i, this is the other half of the journey and one which should be as creative and rewarding as travelling with your camera. The print, or at least the finished image file, is the completion of the photographer’s journey. I have never owned a camera that has presented me, either digitally or on film, with something that represents what I saw and experienced when I was stood there in the field. The Epson Print Academy runs workshops throughout the year and covers every conceivable subject relating to post processing and print making from colour management to your choice of media.  As much as the name suggests, you do not need to own an Epson printer to benefit hugely from these workshops as our partnership was forged from the celebration of the photographic print. Please visit our website to find out more.

One to One

I am frequently contacted by photographers that want to master a particular skill in their photography either in the field with camera craft and composition, or in the digital darkroom stages of their workflow and print making.  This type of tuition is of very much tailored for the individual with every aspect being discussed and considered beforehand. During this tuition you have me on hand the entire time to go over every aspect of what you need to master to move your photography forwards and upwards.

I enjoy one to one workshops hugely as it is about the photographer I am teaching as much as the photographs and I have made many a friend teaching this way. If there is any aspect of your photography that you feel the need to absolutely master, then this may be what you need. I am very busy around the world most of the year leading workshops and busy back at the office writing, so my time is limited. The cost of my one to one days are £375 plus any expenses but I can assure you, I have never had a disappointed client!

If you feel that one to one time with me is ideal, then please email me directly and we can discuss what you need and set a date.