Paul Gallagher has been a fine art black and white and colour photographer for over twenty seven years, dedicating his photography to Northern England and the Scottish Highlands and photographing predominantly using large format equipment.

He began his photographic career studying graphic design and photography at Southport College of Art, England from which he gained a distinction in photography.  This led him to work professionally in a commercial studio in Liverpool.  Some years later, Paul was invited to return to teach photography part-time at Southport College.  He has been awarded an Associateship from the Royal Photographic Society. 

Paul has mostly exchanged the dark room for the use of digital print production.  Paul’s techniques are very traditional in the field and he is regarded as an expert in the use of the 5x4 view camera.  All negatives are still hand processed by Paul and are scanned to produce high quality files.                                        

Paul is a regular keynote speaker to Photographic Societies throughout the UK regarding his work and techniques in both the use of large format equipment and fine art digital print production.  Paul  runs workshops in the field for his company Aspect2i for which he is a founder member and also leads class based workshops for the Epson Print Academy.  He has received several commissions from organisations such as the Environment Agency and the BBC and his work has been used extensively by Epson, Ilford and Permajet to name a few.

Paul has written extensively for photographic publications about his techniques and approach to landscape photography and digital image production for many years.  Paul is a writer for the Professional Image Maker Magazine and also holds regular exhibitions of his work.  His book “Aspects of Expression” discussing the expressive monochrome image was commissioned by Argentum and released in October 2008.  Paul’s fine art limited edition book “Chords of Grey” was released in 2010 supported by a two week exhibition in the gallery@oxo in London. “Chords of Grey” has achieved 5 awards to date.

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